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Cliff Weil, Inc. offers a variety of eyewear programs designed to meet the needs of most any retailer, at any time. We've got it all: premium, polarized, sport, everyday, and specialty collections. 

Top Deck Polarized Optics
Polycarbonate Polarized Optics

Top Deck is our top premium brand of optically-correct eyewear that meets ALL established worldwide standards for optical quality and clarity: American, European, and Australian. Top Deck sunglasses feature high quality polycarbonate polarized lenses and upgraded frame materials to give consumers superior quality sunglasses at excellent price points.

Red Carpet Eyewear
Gradient Polarized Fashion


Red Carpet is a designer collection of women's fashion polarized sunglasses. These on-trend styles feature 1.0mm polarized gradient TAC lenses and durable polycarbonate frames.

Sea Striker Polarized Sunglasses
PolaTAC400 Polarization


Sea Striker is a favorite in fishing gear, and our Sea Striker Polarized Sunglasses live up the brand. All Sea Striker sunglasses feature 1.0mm polarized PolaTAC400 lenses, which eliminate glare, improve visual acuity, and offer superior color fidelity when compared with other similar brands. In fact, our Sea Striker program outperforms even the most expensive brands in sales and durability.

Islander Eyes Polarized Sunglasses
Polarized Fashion Eyewear


Fashion, function, and lifestyle come together in our Islander Eyes polarized collection. With 0.7mm PolaTAC400 polarized lenses and polycarbonate frames, Islander Eyes offers great tropically inspired, premium-feel styles at everyday affordable prices.

Overalls Polarized Sunglasses
Wear-Over Polarized Eyewear


Overalls high performance sunglasses are powered by 1.0mm PolaTAC400 polarized lenses for superior optical quality and maximum UV protection. Designed to be worn directly over prescription eyewear, all Overalls sunglasses feature a wraparound fit to offer the best in comfort and protection for eyeglass wearers. 

Polarized Optical Spring Clips
Polarized Clip-On Sunglasses


Either as a complement to our Overalls wear-over program or as a standalone program, our Optical Spring Clips collection offers clip-on polarized lenses in three shapes and a variety of sizes for consumers who must wear prescription eyewear.

Optic Edge Sunglasses
Polycarbonate Sports Wraps


The dielectric mirrored lenses in Optic Edge sunglasses are so vibrant, they’ll make the whole world seem brighter. Rather than absorb light like standard mirror lenses, Optic Edge mirrors reflect light to keep your field of vision bright. Pair those fiery lenses with durable polycarbonate frames, temple stops, and 100% UV protection, and you have a pair of sport sunglasses that provide quality performance at an affordable price.

Camo Eyewear Featuring TrueTimber Camo
Featuring TrueTimber® Camo


Camo by Optic Edge is a collection of sports wraps that feature TrueTimber® camouflage patterns and either ANSI compliant safety lenses or PolaTac400 polarized lenses. Because camo is so wildly popular, Camo by Optic Edge is one of our most versatile brands, enhancing retailers' sales in both standard and outside-the-box locations.

Regency Optics
Everyday Fashion Sunglasses


Our Regency Optics collection offers a comprehensive everyday sunglass program that features fashion and sport styles at popular affordable price points. This collection includes: ActionEyz, sports wraps for active lifestyles; Illusions, conservative yet contemporary women's styles; and Crave, ultratrendy unisex styles for everyone.

Just A Shade Smaller Children's Sunglasses
Children's Everyday Sunglasses


Just A Shade Smaller sunglasses are designed for children of all ages and stages, from infants through preteens. Not only will the variety of styles and colors appeal to kids, but the safety and durability will also appeal to moms.

Perfect Vision Reading Glasses
Reading Glasses


From fashion readers to bifocal sun readers to accessories, our Perfect Vision collection offers everything your customers need in a reading glass program.

ActionEyz Eyewear Retainers
Everyday Accessories


Our ActionEyz Retainers collection offers a variety of retainer styles for active wearers: floating, neoprene, cords, and slip ends. ActionEyz Retainers can enhance your sales either as part of a complete sunwear program or as a standalone program.

Opti Shield Sunglasses
Convenience Store Program


Opti Shield is designed to be an easy sunwear program for convenience stores: popular styles, affordable retails, and free displays. 



In addition to our standard programs, we also offer closeouts, private label, and a host of other custom options. To find out more about what we can offer you, please contact us.

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