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Optic Edge Eyewear
Optic Edge Eyewear Logo

The dielectric mirrored lenses in Optic Edge sunglasses are so vibrant, they’ll make the whole world seem brighter. Rather than absorb light like standard mirror lenses, Optic Edge mirrors reflect light to keep your field of vision bright. Pair those fiery lenses with durable polycarbonate frames, temple stops, and 100% UV protection, and you have a pair of sport sunglasses that provide quality performance at an affordable price.

Camo Eyewear featuring TrueTimber Camo
Camo Eyewear Logo
Camo by Optic Edge is a collection of sports wraps that feature TrueTimber® camouflage patterns and either ANSI compliant safety lenses or PolaTAC400 polarized lenses, depending on the style. 
ActionEyz Eyewear Retainers
ActionEyz Retainers Logo

When you're active, you need to make sure your eyewear is always nearby. ActionEyz Retainers offers a variety of retainer options that fit most eyewear. Choose from floating, neoprene, cord, or soft retainers and get a grip on your favorite eyewear.

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