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Cliff Weil, Inc. is a family-owned eyewear company founded on the premise of offering superior customer service. From our 1905 beginning as a tobacco wholesaler, to our present-day focus on quality eyewear, we have always put service above all else. We may not be the biggest or the cheapest, but we are committed to being the best eyewear company, and our commitment shows in the personal service we offer our customers.


Whether we're dealing with consumers or dealers, we pay attention to what our customers want and we strive to give it to them. That may sound simple, but it takes time, attention to detail, market awareness, and most of all, dedication. Eyewear is all we do. We live and breathe eyewear so we can serve you better.  


Cliff Weil is headquartered in suburban Richmond, Virginia and has an extensive network of sales and service reps all over the country. Our sales, service, and in-house teams are all dedicated to offering our customers amazing service at every opportunity. If you're a history buff or you'd just like to know more about our 100+ years of service, check out our history timeline.




Aside from our many local and online retailers all over the world, consumers can now purchase eyewear directly from Cliff Weil. Though we are primarily a wholesaler, we've recently opened up some of our products to online ordering. Because eyewear is all about personal fit and style, we strongly recommend purchasing in person from a local retailer. But if you know what you want or you already love our products, our shop is open. We have a generous 30-day return policy and one of the best warranty programs in the industry, so you can have confidence in every purchase you make. 




Whether you're a retailer, wholesaler, or distributor, Cliff Weil is ready to do business with you. We know what it takes to build the best eyewear programs, and we know how to customize the perfect program to meet your individual needs. Our programs have increased the turns and profits of all our customers, and we are so confident we can also do this for you that we will guarantee it in writing. For more information about carrying Cliff Weil products, please visit our Dealers section.

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